Rock Art Painting Kit


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Rock Painting is a great way to nurture a child’s artistic talent.  It is a wonderful past-time hobby, and also a great learning tool in art classes.  You don’t need to be a skilled painter to create these colourful artworks.  This activity will be a sure hit in parties and events too!

The kit comes with everything ready, only creativity is needed.

Perfect gift for Teachers, Friends and Christmas present.

Painting Tips

  • Prior to starting your creation, please wash and dry the rocks.
  • Pre-paint the rocks with a few coats of white paint.  Let the paint air dry or use hairdryer to help the paint dry faster.
  • Use a pencil to lightly outline your design on the rock.
  • Paint on your design with the color paints.
  • Let your beautiful creation dry overnight.



4 x Rock

12 x Color Acrylic Paint

2 x Paintbrush

1 x Paint Palette



  • Due to different display monitor and lighting, there could be some color variation between the physical product and the color shown in the above pictures.
  • Different production batches could also result in same part having differences in color.

Additional information

Weight 1.10 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 5.5 cm


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