(Q1) What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a craft that is a mix between Cross Stitch and Painting By Numbers.


(Q2) What is the difference between Round and Mosaic (Square) Diamond?

Mosaic or Square Diamonds create a fuller, more complete looking painting, whereas the Round Diamonds because of the round shape, gaps between diamonds can appear more apparent when you are looking at the completed painting at close up range.


(Q3) What is included in each Diamond Painting Kit?

Every Diamond Painting Kit will usually includes:

  • A Pre-printed canvas with numbers and reference chart

  • A Diamond Pickup Pen Tool

  • A small Tray

  • A Wax Pad

  • Colored Diamonds in labelled packages

Some Kits may even include a pair of tweezers.


(Q4) What is Painting by Numbers?

Painting by Numbers allow people with no knowledge of painting to create all kinds of master pieces.  The picture on the canvas is divided into sections, each marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color.  Simply use the color paint provided in the kit and paint each section accordingly to create a beautiful artwork.


(Q5) What is Foam Clay?

Foam Clay is a self hardening modelling material that contains small foam beads.  Foam Clay dries at room temperature, and it can easily stick to various materials such as paper, fabric and wood.  The drying time will vary from 1 to 3 day depending on the size and thickness of the artwork.  The foam beads will give texture to the model.