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Since 2006, Artlane Singapore has inspired many young children & parents, and individuals of all ages from different walks of life to have fun doing arts and crafts. Our years of experience in Arts and Crafts products and workshop have seen us awakening the interest of many individuals in the colourful, fun and highly fulfilling world of DIY Arts and Crafts.


It’s Amazing What Your Hands Can Do!

Even if it’s your first time to try out arts and crafts, you’re sure to come up with a truly admirable artwork with numbered patterns which are easy to follow. It’s like playing “connect-the-dots” – you will find it enjoyable, stress-relieving, and fun plus you get to bring home an artwork that has your personal touch.

A Great Way To Bond With Your Little Ones

Mums and Dads, if you’re looking for a meaningful way to bond with your kids, Artlane Singapore has plenty of options to offer.


Square Diamond & Round Diamond

Make your artwork sparkle with diamond get that give them rare accents.

Paint By Numbers Kit – helps to calm your mind, relieve  stress, therapeutic way to enjoy paint your stress away!

Clay Art sculpting helps cultivates creativity and motor skills

Engaging in children crafts help to  increases your child’s visualization skills , develops creativity and enhances hand-eye coordination and muscle control. Crafting also builds their patience and focus which they can apply in other areas of their lives such as in school or playing and working with friends!

Have fun, learn and create at Artlane Singapore!


Give Gifts With A Personal Touch

Are you looking for a gift to give someone special? Head down to Artlane Singapore and create something with your own hands! A handcrafted gift has your personal touch. You will also find that while off-the-shelf gifts are oftentimes more expensive, they may not offer the same meaning as a handcrafted gift.


Experience the joy of arts and crafts today. Visit Artlane Singapore and reveal the artist in you!


Artlane Singapore

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