Customized Diamond Painting


Fancy owning a piece of your favourite photograph in Diamond Painting style?  Now you can!  Simply email us a software copy of your favourite photo, and we will follow up with the rest of the customization works.  We are very sure that this will be one very unique Diamond Painting that you, and your love ones will treasure forever.

Steps to customize your photo into Diamond Painting kit:

(1) Email us the photo/image that you would like to convert in HD format.  Send to: (Kindly include your name and contact number)
(2) We will make adjustment to the picture composition, and provide you with the best artwork sizes available, and their respective price.
(3) Once you have decided on the size to customize your image, we will need a FULL payment from you.
(4) Your customized Diamond Kit (Canvas and beads) will be ready in about 2-3 week time.
(5) Once your customized kit is ready, we will contact you for delivery.
(6) You can start crafting on your one-and-only Diamond Painting in the world!  Enjoy crafting and have fun!

Feel free to call us for any queries at: (65) 98570443 or email us at:

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