DIY Miniature Toy House – Blue Loft (M032Z) without Musical Device


Miniature Toy Houses are sweet and beautiful, and not very difficult to construct. Can assemble one by yourself, in your own free time, or built it with your love ones, and spent some good bonding time together.

Two level house with bedroom, living room, balcony and an outdoor at the beach.

Toy loft comes with LED lights, so upon completion, they can also used as bedside lamps……so magical! Else you can proudly display them somewhere in your favourite corner at home, or on your desk in the office.

DIY Miniature Toy Houses will inspire your children’s creativity and imagination, and cultivate skills such as concentration, confidence, eye-hand coordination and color & pattern recognition.


1 set of Miniate Toy House Kit (All Material included)

1 set of Tools

English Instruction Booklet

1 set of Dust Cover Parts [Peel off brown paper (if any) before assemble Dust Cover]

Remote Control for LED lights

* with option to add on Musical Movement*

**Battery Type: AAA-(not included)**

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Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 7 cm

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